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Spectram is part of the Swedish automation integrator Spectrum Technology, and focuses on developing and building custom industrial solutions for robotic additive manufacturing. 3DVerkstan is happy to announce our new partnership – bringing together the cutting-edge Meltio technology and the robotic large scale printing experience provided by Spectram. Christian Magnusson, COO at Spectram Technology, shares his expectations on the partnership:

It’s an exciting collaboration bringing the best of two worlds together: precise metal extrusion from Meltio with the full freedom of robotics from Spectram. This enables products that were previously impossible to produce at this price point. Meltio’s state of the art technology, paired with Spectram’s experience in additive manufacturing with robotics, opens new possibilities in designing products. This is something we are proud to be able to contribute to.

Some of the main benefits from placing the Meltio system on a 6-axis robot is obviously size, as well as the considerable freedom it brings. When using a robot, parts can be built without support material – which is a huge benefit for metal parts that otherwise need impossible or very time-consuming support material removal. By adding in a manipulator, two more axes are added, which further advances the capabilities and reach of the robot for certain features.

For us it is always important to push the envelope and stay relevant in all that we do. We already have one foot in the additive world, fuelled by our drive to try out technology for the future, and moving into the metal side of the additive manufacturing world is a natural step for who we are, Christian adds.

Meltio takes metal 3D printing to the next level by developing high-performance, affordable and easy-to-use metal 3D printing solutions. The company's mission is to delight customers, partners and employees by pioneering the development of affordable metal 3D printing systems that are reliable, safe, and powerful, continually reinforcing their status as disruptors.

It is an honor to welcome one of the world's leading pioneers in robot 3D printing, Spectram, to the Meltio ecosystem as an official integrator of Meltio in Sweden. We firmly believe that this partnership, driven by 3DVerkstan, will broaden the robotic additive manufacturing opportunities in Scandinavia, says Gerard García, Head of Marketing and Sales at Meltio.

3DVerkstan, as the Master Reseller of Meltio in the Nordics, will with this partnership be able to offer a complete solution for any robotic integration to our customers. Daniel Ljungstig, CEO at 3DVerkstan, concludes:

We are very proud of this collaboration – which will be of great importance in the advancement of large scale metal 3D printing in our region. By partnering with Spectram and Spectrum Technology, we are very excited for the opportunity to showcase the first Meltio robot integration here in Sweden in early 2022. For our customers interested in the Meltio technology and an integration solution, we can now direct them to the incredibly capable hands of Spectram in Karlshamn.

About Spectrum Technology

Spectrum Technology is an integrator that develops and builds custom industrial solutions for robotic additive manufacturing. The company originates from offering their customers fully automated production cells, tailored to their specific needs. Within automation solutions Spectrum does everything from concept design, projecting, construction, programming and manufacturing to installation, commissioning and service of machines and entire production lines.

The focus on additive manufacturing evolved into starting Spectram, focusing on development and sales of the systems produced by Spectrum.


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