Webinar: A live demo with Ultimaker

Jessica Jorfjord Ultimaker, Webinar

On March 10 we were hosting a webinar together with Ultimaker,  with representatives from 3DVerkstan, Ultimaker and Ingenjörsfirma Tommy Leindahl.

If you want to watch the recording - click here

About the webinar

Since 2011, Ultimaker has built an open and easy-to-use solution of 3D printers, software, and materials that enables professional designers and engineers to innovate every day. Today we’ll be joined by Jeremy Evers who, amongst other things, will share application engineering preferred Cura settings and how to increase benefits using carbon fiber materials. We'll take a deep dive into upcoming hardware and software updates, materials, and take part of real customer success stories from Swedish and global businesses. With 800 000+ users, Ultimaker is truly one of the market leaders in desktop 3D printing.

  • Date: Thursday March 10th
  • Time: 10.00 CET
  • Duration: Approx. 1 hour (Q&A included)