Webinar 6/4: Kimya + miniFactory

Lotta Lindblad 3DVerkstan, Kimya, miniFactory, Webinar

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On April 6, 3DVerkstan are hosting a live webinar together with Kimya and miniFactory, where we will give you a technical introduction to 3D printing with high performance polymers.

We’ll be joined today by Olli Pihlajamäki, COO and Co-founder of miniFactory Oy. He will, amongst other things, introduce you to the technical system of the miniFactory Ultra printer – with its heated build chamber that opens up for producing parts with polymers that have resistance against aggressive chemicals, electron flow and repeatable sterilization, to mention some.

miniFactory has since 2018 ongoing development work with Kimya, a major international material manufacturer based in France. The collaboration has led to the development of high temp materials such as Kimya PEKK-A and PEI 1010 for the miniFactory Ultra. With these validated materials, parts are certified for railway, food and space industries. Misha Nesaratnam, Product Manager for Kimya, will guide you through these specific material properties, and why customized specialty plastics are the future for on-demand applications.

  • Date: Wednesday April 6th
  • Time: 1 PM (CET) 
  • Duration: Approx. 1 hour (Q&A included)
  • Location: Zoom (link will be sent out ahead of the event)

This webinar will be held in English, with representatives from 3DVerkstan, Kimya and miniFactory.


Since its inception in 2014, 3DVerkstan has been a strong driving force for additive manufacturing in Sweden and the Nordic countries, including the Baltics. With a knowledge-based and cohesive team, we use, challenge and develop today's 3D printing techniques and applications. Through close collaborations with industry-leading 3D solution companies, we ensure product quality as well as service and support and always aim for long-term customer relationships. We have customers all over the world through our network of resellers.

KIMYA provides companies with additive manufacturing support for the production of finished parts (Kimya Factory), through the design (Kimya Lab) and production of bespoke 3D materials offering a high level of added value (Kimya Materials).

Responsive to market developments, KIMYA formulates, designs and offers a wide range of 3D filaments able to meet the specific demands of sectors with diverse requirements, such as aviation, defense, space and automotive.

miniFactory Oy Ltd is an industrial 3D printer manufacturer driven by passion for heat-resistant polymers and achieving the best results for industry class 3D printed parts. The company is based in Finland and was founded in 2012. miniFactory is specialized in ultra-polymers and the miniFactory Ultra flagship 3D printer is a versatile powerhouse in industrial 3D printing. It offers the benefits of high performance polymers, such as ULTEM, PEKK, PEEK, PPSU etc., in a state-of-the art package together with the Aarni Process Monitoring System – for 3D printing quality insurance.