Bundle MAX (GREY) – CBPP/CBP Glassic

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Upgrade Bundle MAX for CraftBot Plus

Bring your CraftBot Plus up to date!

What’s in the box:

Base bed for the upgraded CraftBot Plus

Glass build plate:

  • improved flatness
  • smooth finish
  • improved thermal conductivity
  • durability
  • scratch resistance

All Metal Hotend:

  • The longer nozzle thread helps more efficient filament heating
  • The new heatbreak prevent the melted plastic to go up to the cool area and clog there
  • The new cover on the heatblock helps to keep the nozzle temperature more stable (ex, when the object fan starts the temperature will not drop)
  • To assemble the nozzle, it is not necessary to heat the heatblock and heatbreak

CBP Classic Extruder Fan:

  • Extruder Cooling Fan for upgraded CraftBot Plus

CBP FMS encoder upgrade without backplate:

  • The filament monitoring system (FMS) supervises filament consumption, starts immediate troubleshooting when a filament jam is detected and messages the user in case there’s a need for intervention.

Back cover:

  • Back cover – CBP Encoder
  • Back cover with FMS sensor input
  • The backcover contains all eletrical equipments